About Us

Where do we come from?

We are young entrepreneurs who decided to venture, entering the world of BDSM. Shortly after trying this our world, we felt that we were missing something, since we have always liked the quality, originality and differentiation of any product. So we considered being able to make items with different designs. We strive every day to improve and we are eager to show what we are capable of doing. The important thing for us is to be original, authentic and different, without forgetting where we come from and the essence of our articles: Craftsmanship.

Where are we going?

Craftsmanship is present in each of our items made from scratch and with the highest quality in the raw material. We are the ones who with these raw materials, we are creating our unique items. And when we say unique, we mean that in addition to the fact that you can customize it, each item of our production, has certain differences with another since in many occasions we use, without losing the quality of any raw material, surpluses from other sectors of wood or leather goods among others. It is very important for us and it is our grain of sand towards the planet and how present and important we have it in our day to day.

With which, each customer can say with certainty that the purchased item is unique.